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    Creating Your Vision

    To say that we provide superior bathroom remodeling services at

    Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists would be a considerable understatement, we can transform your most private chamber into something incredible. Our expert bathroom remodel contractors can make the most of any bathroom and apply their skills to squeezing every drop of from your available budget.



    Here are just some of the bathroom modeling projects we have taken on with exceptional skill: 

    Our Services



    We have a wide variety of sinks with every specific need in mind. We have the cabinet type to simple pedestal bowls that are minimalist and stylish, plus an absolute space saver. 



    Our bathroom remodelers can install your new bathtub in as little as a day without compromising quality.



    There are extensive options for showers available in the bathroom market now and have some exciting features. Call the experts at Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists to help you choose between a prefabricated option and one that will be built on site.



    From elegant vanity cabinets to other features that we offer you're sure to appreciate the options. We offer a variety of wood types, color palettes, and stains for you to select from.

    Why You Should Choose Us

    Professional Credentials

    The only bathroom contractor you want working in your home is a licensed and insured contractor. The insurance will ensure that any accidents that may happen will not be liable on your homeowner’s insurance. The licensing certifies that your contractor meets important industry standards of practice that always deliver the best results.



    Professionals, like Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists, know how to do their work with grace and fluidity. This Ensures that projects are always done on time and without any of the amateur mistakes that can train wreck your project.

    Discount Offers

    Only the most well-resourced bathroom remodels will have such a good standing with their suppliers that they receive extra special deals and these savings can be passed on to their valued customers.

    The Professional Buff and Polish

    Not everyone can successfully take on the projects we do, and fewer still that can deliver the professional finish that makes all the difference in the aesthetics of your bathroom.



    A Great Investment Plan
    There is nothing like a bathroom that has been perfected to the height of functionality and beauty. Statistics show that making such an investment can also improve the value of your home by as much as 60% or more.


    A Fun DIY Activity
    If you are a skilled or intermediate level DIY technician, you may find many aspects of the project are quite easy and fun to handle.


    Improves Perceived Dimensions
    It has been noticed that a brighter, more beautiful room will appear larger than a darker less attractive room. This applies to bathrooms and lighting play a major role here.


    Improve Home Equity

    When buyers look at your home one of the first things they will base their decisions on is the bathroom. A functional and beautiful buyer can kick those offers up a few vital digits. 


    Go Green

    Making your home a bit more eco-friendly I not just a benefit to the natural world, it will also improve your profit margins. Statistics indicate that homes with eco-friendly features can also receive higher prices on the market. 


    Improve Storage Space

    You can never have enough space to keep your stuff. Make sure you include this in your remodeling plans and see the fascinating solutions available on the markets today. 


    Updated look & feel

    If you feel your commode is housed in a rather dismal atmosphere, this can all be transformed. You can choose any look you want from the classic opulence of a Victorian style or the techy modern look. 


    It is our meticulous attention to detail coupled with an eye for the bigger picture that allows every move we make to be aligned to the final goals and perfected results. No matter the effect you hope to achieve, we have the skills and experience to make it a reality. 



    The floor is always a good place to begin your project as the rest will all follow suit. Allow us to be your guide in making the best selection for your remodeling project. 



    One of the most popular items in bathroom remodeling projects are the custom vanities. For your Norwalk bathroom remodeling project, we can create a vanity that is perfectly suited to your styles and specifications.



    Shower installations and repairs are an important part of the transformation process. Many people would like to have a more aesthetically pleasing or comfortable design for their shower. If you would like your shower installed where your bathtub once was, call up Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists. We can create new showers or transform your current shower into something you will love to visit. 


    Bathroom renovations are not a small task and there are many ways the final outcome can be thwarted. The best way to begin is with a clear understanding of what you want and need in the project. After this has been established, you can then move on to considering the finer points of the plan. If you have never done something like this before, it will be a good idea to do so with the help of your expert bathroom renovations contractors



    Bathroom Layout


    In order to get the most from every square inch of space, it will be essential to consider the shape and form of the room as well as the important functional demands it has. This will help you assemble a list of priorities in your project.  You may have some very strong feelings about how this should work, or maybe still you aren’t sure. Getting an expert’s advice on this matter can help perfect your plans from the very beginning.



    If you are interested in updating your bathtub, you will be happy to know that there are many new options arriving on the market each day. Recessed bathtubs can save space, while easy-access tubs prevent accidents for the elderly. 


    Vanity and basin

    The vanity is actually one of the more important functional features of the bathroom and should be enhanced to improve your use. If you and your partner get ready for work at the same time, you may consider all the advantages of a double vanity. It never hurts to improve the storage space as well. 

    Fixtures and fittings

    You will want your style and design items to run seamlessly through every element of the bathroom. This includes the fixtures, faucets, taps and even the light switches.



    Tiles will be the background that complete the look and ties all the elements you have laid out together beautifully. From floor tiles to the walls and shower tiles, your choice of tile will be critical to the overall looks of your renovation project.



    Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists can help you come up with a brilliant design that not only looks and feels just right but also increases the value of your property. Your home and everyone in it will greatly appreciate the new sanctuary. As a functional and practical investment, the bathroom renovations always pays back in full.  


    While it may sound easy to design a perfect bathroom, there are far too many considerations to be made before buying materials. There are some fundamental questions every property owner should ask themselves before they take on this serious project. 


    • Do I want this bathroom renovation to increase home value? Or, is this bathroom renovation solely for the purpose of boosting my quality of life? 
    • Is this bathroom too small for what I need? 
    • Would I like to add a specific style to my bathroom? 


    Bathroom Design 

    It pays to work with a company that understands the nature of a bathroom like we do. We will be ab to apply our knowledge of the form and function of the room to walking you through the renovations process. Expect us to provide copious information on the big things like shower doors, floorings, bathroom components and mirrors, to the very small things like switches, knobs, vents and fixtures. From your enlightened perspective, you will be able to select the specific things you want in your bathroom. 

    A Custom Bathroom Design 

    Customizing a bathroom is a considerable investment and this is why it is best to have it done by a knowledgeable professional. Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists has earned a reputation throughout Norwalk as the ideal bathroom design company not only for our exceptional work but also our incredible prices and professional approach. 


    Framed mirrors, wall mirrors and even the classic oil-brushed framed mirrors, we have the one that perfectly complement the other elements of your bathroom. As well as thx pert installation services to ensure the longevity of your renovation choices. 


    The floor may seem below eye-level but it does so much to change the aesthetics and longevity of your renovations. The flooring of the bathroom is one of the most important elements as it ties the aesthetics of the bathroom together and should be selected for its stylish value. A good tile installation will also be the foundation that improves your renovations longevity.


    Bathroom sinks should be beautiful and function perfectly as well, but certain flaws can cause problems. For example, water should flow directly from the bowl of the sink down the pipes and away. If the drain is too shallow, the water will not flow as it should and this can create pools of standing water.  

    If this problem is combined with even the slightest buildup of soap scum or hairballs the results can make the sink virtually unusable. Even though using a plunger or cleaning the drain can provide temporary relief, the drain that is not functioning properly will need to be reinstalled properly. 



    Waking up to a bathroom with that style and spark that reflects your character changes that entire day and subsequently your entire life. Here are some of the elements we recommend in an effective renovation.


    The job is not complete without those final touches. We will help you select the right element that will bring you the biggest visual effect for your bathroom.


    Vanities are essential to getting ready for your most important moments in life, so why not get the right one. We have vanities in every shape and form and with very material you could think of. We can help you make a cost effective section that is practical and beautiful. 


    The right sink will fit your bathroom aesthetics perfectly and also complement that flow and dynamics of bathroom space.


    This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you want your bathroom remodeled, but you will find that the lighting of your bathroom will change everything. The right lighting will accent the beauty of your renovations and provide plenty of illumination where it is needed. 



    Safety must be a primary concern for your bathroom remodel contractors. When you choose a professional company like Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists, you can expect only the most experienced technicians that know how to avoid problems with meticulous labor.


    This job is potentially very dangerous and you can avoid serious injury and even untimely death by having your work done by professional contractors. 


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    The Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists Promise

    The transformation must be complete after all. Everything from the tiles in the shower to the counter tops will be redone to achieve the final result you are looking for. Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists is the very last word in bathroom renovations in Norwalk, CT and look forward to being your partners in creating that dream bathroom you have been thinking of.

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