Shower Remodeling and Installation in Norwalk CT

You can change the function and dynamics of your bathroom with a new and improved shower from Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists. We have access to some of the latest showers on the market and they come with some impressive styles and fascinating functions. Furthermore, our products are all very affordable and cost much less than a full remodeling. Call Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists for a free estimate and see for yourself the differences we offer. 

Some of the shower installation services we provide include: 

  • Replacement showers
  • Replacement Showers
  • Shower doors
  • Shower wall surrounds
  • Shower bases


We offer the best and most beautiful shower enclosure at the greatest prices and these have some great features that will make keeping them clean much easier. Call us up at 203-717-4591 to hear more about the special shower enclosures we have. 

Here are some of the options we have for our clients seeking new shower enclosures. 

An option for every style and décor. We have patterned glass, frame colors and finishes of every kind to achieve that look you are going for. 

  • Diamond-Fusion – this protective glass treatment resists the buildup of mildews and soap scums.
  • Tapered bottom tracks keep scum from building up here 
  • You can choose between swinging and sliding doors that suit your tastes. 
  • Enclosures that are highly durable and resistant to molds

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    You can greatly improve the value of your home with the right bathroom renovation. The right choice for you is the one that improves the safety and practicality of the bathroom while also making the appearance something you will be proud of. But, this type of top-notch renovation will require some planning and considerations to get right. 

    Never forget, for example, the importance of your shower doors. There are a great variety of new shower door options and services available from Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists available but only a careful selection will ensure you get what you really need. 



    Here are some options Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists offers in their shower doors. 


    • You can have your shower doors replaced quickly, even on the same day.
    • Your new door can be especially long lasting
    • You might find that a new door is not as costly as you thought. 
    • Your new door will be easier to clean and take care of. 



    If you have a dingy shower or older bathroom you may be thinking of getting a replacement that can greatly improve your bathroom experience. If so come and check out our wide selection of showers and tub replacements that can take your bathroom into the new age.


    We can handle tub and shower remodeling of all types and ensure a job that is always done to your specifications. We can complement your selection with a variety of features like stone, tile and other solid surfaces. We also provide customer shower bases with waterproofed tiling featuring a Schluter-Kerdi system.  




    If your shower is old and run down, get a replacement and enjoy your hygiene. Call the experts from Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists to know more about the variety of options available to you in all kinds of styles and decors. Furthermore, our models are always offered at an affordable price and much lower than the costs of any traditional bathroom renovations. 



    The right shower option for you is one that suits your functional needs, your aesthetic values and budget parameters perfectly. 


    These showers have an especially beautiful finish that flows with an exceptional elegance. This lustrous material can be used in forming many attractive shapes and forms of all sizes.


    Gelcoat Fiberglass
    As a more cost-effective solution, this material has a bright appearance and can look as good as Gelcoat Fiberglass. The impressive durability of gel-coat fiberglass comes from the any small stands bonded together and tightly interlocked.



    This time honored bathroom material has a perfect record of application in bathrooms and the finest showers. Tile is one of the more costly investments on the market, but it does come in extensive designs, textures and colors. 

    Bathroom renovations provide an endless list of advantages that can improve your life and add value to your property. But, these projects can be complex and only a professional with years of experience can ensure the greatest value for your budget. Call us today at 203-717-4591 and we will provide you with a free estimate for our services,

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